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One of the things I think we get asked the most by agents is: can your team manage my social media? And the answer is no, but there’s a good reason for that…

A couple of years ago, we actually offered a social media management service, and we had a fairly decent number of clients that were using it. Despite that, we ended up cancelling the service even though we were making money. Why would we do that?

We cancelled because we didn’t believe it was giving those agents real value and a measurable ROI.

Success in social media is obviously about being social. It’s about being personal, it’s about making connections, it’s about engagement; and that’s just not something a third-party company can do for you, because they aren’t you.

If you take a look at an agent’s Instagram or Facebook account that someone else is managing, you can usually tell they’re outsourcing it. Their feeds are usually filled with the typical type of content that isn’t very personal: quotes, blog posts, etc.

Rarely are there photos of the actual agent, or any of their team members, doing something interesting that promotes their personality and resonates with the target audience. The posts might look good and be beautifully designed but, in most cases, that isn’t enough to be successful on social.

Most agents start by posting their listings on social media. Of course, that makes sense, because listings power your business and intrigue your market. But, if you take a deeper look through an agent’s feed, you’ll likely notice that images of agents doing something receive the highest amount of interactions.

Why? It’s because social media is meant to be personal.

Most agents use social media as an advertising tool by promoting themselves constantly, not engaging anyone, and taking a ‘hey, look at me!’ approach, and that’s the wrong approach to take. Sure, you should be posting your listings, but the most success in social is often seen when you actually use it to be social.

And, of course, if they’re just posting on social media they’re missing the biggest opportunity to build engagement. That involves commenting on other people’s posts and interacting within their audience. Most third-party companies can post for you, but they don’t usually have much of a strategy when it comes to engaging other users of the platform.

The bottom line here is that, unless they spend a lot of time with you at your office and follow you around, someone managing your social media is going to have a really hard time being you. And, it’s likely to come off as inauthentic and unengaging to the people that choose to follow you.

Social media involves strategy, and without someone that really knows what they’re doing, that strategy will fail. It’ll only include listings, motivational content, holiday greetings, and other predictable content.

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that we used to manage agents’ social media for them, and that it didn’t work out.

That’s true. But it also got us thinking about how we can work with agents to help them develop their own unique social media strategies without actually posting on their behalf.

In short, we wanted to empower agents to be successful on social media on their own. So, we took what we know and what we learned, and launched a new social media and stylization service to address that and help make agents more successful all by themselves (with a little direction from our team of experts).

What happens is that our team performs an in-depth research and consultation phase where we learn as much about your business and your goals as possible. We help you measure and define KPIs and ROI so you know how to tell if you’re seeing success (and it’s not just the number of followers that matter).

We then establish your guidelines, put together a strategy, design beautiful graphical overlays that match your brand while empowering you with the tactics and information you need to see success.

Once it’s all complete, you’ll have an understanding of what to do, when to do it, and how to tell if it’s successful.

It’s a unique service that allows us to empower agents to build their own unique brand and strategies on social, without needing to hire a third-party company to manage everything for you.

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