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If you want more people to see your blog posts, you should consider promoting them on your social media profiles.

Posting regular, relevant blog posts is one of the best ways to direct organic traffic to your website. This enables your SEO strategy to build authority for your business on the web, upping the odds of your website popping up when keywords and phrases are searched for online.

While writing content for blogs can and should be outsourced to a professional writer, social media is most effective when run personally by you, the business owner.

However, even if you do currently have an outsourced authority-building content strategy generating traffic to your website, it is exponentially more effective to promote that content across your own personal social media channels.

What’s the Advantage?

While having a solid SEO strategy in-place will always be your primary marketing tool for your directing traffic to your website, promoting your content through your own social media channels will aid in casting an even wider net for readers.

By promoting your new blog content across your social media channels, you are increasing the chances of reaching new reader audiences and valuable backlinks by leveraging a new pool of potential readers.

Our Tips

Here are a few of our tips on how to write an effective caption to promote your content through social media posts.

Keep it Brief

No matter the platform, social media users tend to scroll through their feed at a quick pace. In order to capitalize on their brief window of attention, your caption should be short and easy to read. Remember, most captions either have character limits and word counts that cut off after a few lines of text.

Cover the Bases

While your caption needs to be brief, it also needs to inform the reader of the essentials. The “lead” philosophy from a journalistic standpoint is useful here – hit the all-important 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, and why) upfront in as few words as possible to pull the reader in for more.

Include a CTA

A Call To Action is a message encouraging readers to take a specific action, generally through a clickable link, image, or button. By enticing users with an engaging CTA directing them on what they should do after reading your caption will effectively drive them to engage with your post and visit your website.

Ask a Question

Encouraging users to engage with your post through likes and comments will make your post more likely to be seen by others on social media. Instagram partially prioritizes user engagement in their algorithm that determines the chronological order of posts appearing on users’ timelines. Therefore, encouraging users to comment on your post will increase its visibility.

Use Relevant @ Mentions

Another way to drive engagement on your post is to use @ mentions effectively in your caption when referencing other reputable social media accounts and users. By using an @ mention to call someone out in your caption, they are directly notified and will encourage them and their followers to interact with your post through likes, comments, and shares.

Timing Your Posts

According to Hootsuite, one of the leading social media management companies, their study from July 2019 shows that in general, the best time to post on social media to optimize visibility and engagement is between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. EST in the early workweek (Monday to Wednesday). While this information is regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C, it is also important for you as the business owner to conduct your own tests and monitor your social media analytics.


Advertising your most recent blog posts across your social media channels is a fantastic way to enhance your SEO strategy and drive social traffic to your website – no matter how you structure your posts.

Using our tips above are just a few ways to optimize the brief amount of time audiences spend looking at social media posts to increase your chances of visiting your website, but the most important takeaway is to be diligent about following your SEO-focused content strategy and cross-posting your most recent blogs for your social following to see too.

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