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Here at Artifakt Digital, we firmly believe that one of our core values is empowerment.

In each and every thing we do, when it comes to living up to that core value, we always try to work towards two main goals:

  1. Empowering our clients to do things on their own, and
  2. Empowering them with the knowledge they need to make decisions around their real estate marketing efforts.

Even if they’re not yet our clients, we still want to empower them with the second goal.

As a company, I think there are 2 main ways that we’ve gone about doing this:

1. Through the Products We Build

When we build our website and digital strategy projects, a key part of our development process is that we want the client to be able to edit/update/control around 98% of the content in a straight-forward way, without needing to learn any code themselves, and without needing to contact us (but they can if they want to of course)

We never want to hold clients hostage with anything we’ve done, or nickle-and-dime them to make changes that we believe they should have control over.

We also firmly believe in building a non-proprietary product that’s a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription model. When we’re finished a project the client owns what we’ve built in it’s entirety, and they can do what they want with it. It’s also one of the key reasons we use an open-source platform, rather than something proprietary to us.

If you want to know more about this approach, have a look at our post called Renting Versus Buying a Real Estate Website.

As well, we believe in complete customization and working to ensure no 2 digital strategies we do are exactly the same, because we believe that no 2 agents are exactly the same. We work to empower our clients to be different, to be personal, and to build a true and honest connection with their target audience.

2. Through the Resources We’ve Developed

This is a big one for us as we’ve put together a lot of informational content for our clients and not-yet-clients alike; purely with the goal of empowering them to make decisions around their marketing efforts and even to empower them to do a lot of the work themselves.

It’s a core part of what we do. Over the years we’ve substantially built out the content on Views, our real estate marketing blog, as well as a number of eBooks, workbooks, planning guides, templates, and a lot more.

If you’ve never checked them out before, here’s why you should and what they’re all about:

● Views, Our Real Estate Marketing Blog: We’ve written hundreds of informative blog posts on a ton of different topics, but mostly around the questions we get asked most by both clients and not-yet-clients. We answer questions about marketing strategy, lead generation, campaign creation, SEO, and a lot more. You can get to Views right here.

● The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing: Originally released in 2018, each version of our eBook is more comprehensive and relevant to today’s real estate marketing landscape. Now in version 8, it has 230+ pages of content around everything a modern agent needs to know about digital marketing, including building a brand, planning a content strategy, marketing listings, even how to choose a company to work with. You can get it right here. 

● Our Social Media Template Bundle: Most agents have the ability to post content on their social profiles, but struggle with creating a professional look to their posts, so we created our social media template bundle to help. It’s a set of 100+ pre-built, real estate specific Canva templates that you can customize and use to create professional looking posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can download them right here.

● The Quarterly Trend Report: Real estate marketing is always changing. What’s popular or effective right now may not be tomorrow, which is why we put together our trend report. With a new issue published each quarter, it’s a selection of curated content based on what’s new and relevant right now. You can get it right here.

● The Content Strategy Guide: Want to improve your content strategy? Download our Content Strategy Guide for Real Estate Agents. It has practical methods on how to plan, implement, market, and audit a successful real estate content strategy that will deliver results as part of your overall inbound marketing strategy. You can get it right here.

● The SEO Strategy Building Guide for Agents: Our SEO Strategy Building Guide is a mix of curated content and self-guided workbook that will help provide insight on how you can build and implement a modern SEO and overall search strategy. You can get it right here.

● Our Lead Management Workbook: Want to improve your overall lead generation plan? Our Lead Management Workbook can help. It’s a self-guided, interactive workbook where you answer questions about your current lead generation plan, outline what’s working and what isn’t working, and put together a plan to improve it. You can get it right here.

● Our Digital Marketing Planning Workbook: Want to plan your digital marketing strategy on your own, and set your business up for success? Our Digital Marketing Planning Workbook, is a self-guided, interactive workbook where you answer questions about your marketing goals, brand and content strategy, lead generation plan, and a lot more, to get insight into the effectiveness of your overall digital marketing plan. You can get it right here. 

● The Artifakt Advance: Our real estate marketing news email is sent out twice a month, and each issue, we focus on a different topic. There’s often content we don’t write about or post on our blog, and in the past, we’ve even sent out some exclusive downloadable resources that we haven’t offered elsewhere. And if you change your mind later, you can easily opt-out. You can sign up for it right here. 

● Our Social Proof and ROI eBook: Think you might be interested in working with our team on a project, but aren’t sure if we’re a good fit for you? Our ROI eBook details how we’ve positively impacted the businesses and bottom lines of some of North America’s top-producing real estate agents. You can get it right here.

Everything We Do, We Do With You In Mind.

We really believe that when we empower our clients (and not-yet-clients) to do some of their own marketing efforts and give them the knowledge they need to make decisions around their digital strategy, everyone wins.

We really hope you find these resources useful as part of planning, building, and researching your digital success.

Want to learn more about what Artifakt Digital can do and how we can help your business get ahead of the competition? Book a no-obligation consultation call with our team quickly and easily.
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