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Why You Should Have an Internal Social Media Destination Page

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As part of your overall marketing strategy, your goal is always to push as many as people as possible, that are within your target audience, to your website. Always.

Your website should serve as your primary marketing hub that you direct all of your traffic to for a number of reasons, but primarily, because it’s the best place for someone to discover everything about you, your brand, and your business, in a way that you completely control their experience.

If someone was to Google you or your business, while you have some control over what they see in the search results as part of your online presence strategy, it’s nowhere near the level of control you have when they visit your own website.

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As part of the marketing strategy’s plan to push people to your website as much as possible, a lot of agents miss out on that opportunity when it comes to social.

A lot of agents, when posting on social, will put all of the information in a post, which removes the need for the person reading the post to click or go anywhere else because all of the information is right in front of them.

But that’s the wrong approach to take. You should always be creating a reason for someone to want to click to see more in your social content, preferably to push them to your website.

There are several good reasons as to why you’d want to do this:

  1. To improve your metrics by having increased page views, users, sessions, etc.
  2. To install a tracking cookie so they can be reminded you exist through retargeting advertising.
  3. To prove your expertise and authority by giving them and opportunity to click through to additional, related content and downloadable resources, they may not otherwise have known about.
  4. To give them the ability to click through to your entire website, so they can learn more about you, what you do, and why you’re good at it, in a space that you completely control the messaging.
  5. And many more reasons…

There’s a lot of different ways to encourage someone to click through your social post, but the most obvious to not include all of the information, and rather, make the most important or interesting information available on the other end of the click.

If people are interested enough, they’ll click through.

This approach works well for social platforms that allow you to include a link (like Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin), but what about for the platforms that don’t allow you to include a link in your posts, like Instagram?

For this, most agents will use a link landing page (while there’s a lot of these, Linktree is probably the most popular) to create a list of links that relate to the content they’ve posted on their social media platforms.

But again, this isn’t the best approach to take for 1 main reason: it creates a missed opportunity to push someone to your website by interfering with their journey from social to your website.

Because of all the reasons mentioned before as to why it’s better to push people to your website, you’re much better off creating your own, internal landing page, that exists on your website, as your main landing page from your social media profiles.

★ If you want to see an example of what it looks like, have a look at our social media landing page right here.

On a landing page like that, not only does someone find the content that they’re looking for from the social link they clicked, but we’ve also successfully brought them directly to our website as part of our marketing strategy goal.

While you can include the links to what they’re looking for coming from social, you can also include additional links to other things you want them to look at, like downloadable guides, reading reviews, and a lot more.

Essentially, pushing people to your website creates opportunities, including the opportunities to learn more about you, engage with you and your content, and to begin building a deeper level of trust with you and your brand.

Remember, the overall objective of your marketing strategy is always to push someone to your website. It’s the best place for you to make the best impression.

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