Want to build your business, expand your marketing efforts, and get more out of your digital and inbound marketing strategy? We’ve put together these resources, specifically for real estate agents, to help.

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing: Version 8

Want to drive traffic, build your brand, and engage your target audience? Now in Version 8, our 230+ page eBook: ‘The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing’, is a collection of our best marketing tips, tricks, and strategies.

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Our Quarterly Real Estate Marketing Trend Report (for Q1, 2024))

With up-to-date marketing trends relevant to today’s market, it’s a selection of curated content that will give you an outline of what’s working right now in real estate marketing.

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Our Inbound Marketing Guide for Real Estate Agents

Want to get better, more qualified leads and build your authority? Our inbound marketing guide is a walkthrough of the overall philosophy of inbound marketing, why it’s effective, and how you can build it into your own real estate marketing strategy to get better marketing results.

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Our SEO Strategy Building Guide

Want to learn more about SEO and get more traffic to your website? Our SEO Strategy Building Guide is a mix of curated content and self-guided workbook that will help provide insight on how you can build and implement a modern SEO and overall search strategy.

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Our Social Media Template Bundle

Want to create a more consistent, professional look across all of your social media? Download our social media template bundle. It’s a set of pre-built, real estate specific Canva templates that you can customize and use to create professional looking posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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Our Lead Management Workbook

Want to improve your overall lead generation plan? Download our Lead Management Workbook. It’s a self-guided, interactive workbook where you answer questions about your current lead generation plan, outline what’s working and what isn’t working, and put together a plan to improve it.

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Our Digital Marketing Planning Workbook

Want to plan your digital marketing strategy on your own, and set your business up for success? Download our workbook: ‘The Digital Marketing Planning Workbook’. It’s a self-guided, interactive workbook, where you answer questions about your marketing goals, brand and content strategy, lead generation plan, and a lot more, to get insight into the effectiveness of your overall digital marketing plan.

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Our Content Strategy Guide

Want to improve your content strategy? Download our Content Strategy Guide for Real Estate Agents. It has practical methods on how to plan, implement, market, and audit a successful real estate content strategy that will deliver results as part of your overall inbound marketing strategy.

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Our Social Proof and ROI eBook

Want to know more about what it’s like to work with the Artifakt Digital team? Our ROI eBook details how we’ve positively impacted the businesses and bottom lines of some of North America’s top-producing real estate agents.

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Our Portfolio of Work eBook

We believe our work is a true reflection of how we deliver on our mission to be: Driven by Strategy, Motivated by Great Design, Proven with Results.

Wondering if Artifakt Digital is right choice for you? Want to see some of the work that we’ve done? Download our Portfolio of Work eBook today.

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Views: The Real Estate Marketing Blog

Every Tuesday, we publish new content on Views, our real estate marketing blog, to help agents build and align their marketing strategies to make them more effective.

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