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There’s a lot of power in building your marketing strategy around a niche. Doing so can help you get better, more targeted leads in an area that you want to work in with the people that you want to work with.

And while there are many different types of niches you could focus on, one of the most obvious ones is to focus on a particular geographical area; and building a hyper-local marketing strategy can help you do just that.

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What does it mean to be hyper-local? And what exactly is a hyper-local marketing strategy?

Simply put, it’s when you set up you, your brand, and your business to focus completely on, and build mass authority in, a specific geographical area, through your messaging and marketing.

Basically, it’s about casting a wide net to ensure that your audience finds you often, and associates you as being the area expert.

Through Your Content Strategy

Your content strategy is massive part of building a successful hyper-local real estate strategy. And while it’s easy to write a lot of content, writing a lot of strategic, high-quality content is a little more difficult because it takes more time, effort, and skill.

Building out a hyper-local content strategy is all about dominating searches in a particular area, for particular things that the people in that area are interested in; and it’s about writing a lot of it.

To be really effective, you should be creating around 4-8 hyper-local focused pieces of content each month. Each of those pieces of content should be completely related to the geographical area in every way.

For example, your content strategy could include

  • A monthly market report analyzing the real estate market, sold properties, and the general health of the market in that area.
  • A highlight of local businesses and community events.
  • A content series on the specific types of properties in the area, like luxury homes, rebuilds, etc.
  • A breakdown of local schools and family-related content.

Basically, anything the type of people in that area would be interested in.

The more content you write about and for your target geographical area, the more chances you’ll have to show up in search results for that area, and the more you’ll build your authority there as the agent who has a deep understanding of the area.

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Through Your Marketing Strategy

Having a well-rounded, hyper-local marketing strategy is all about casting a wide net that encompasses print and digital in as many places as possible. The more you market, the more you’re seen, the more you’re found, the more people will reach out to work with you after you build authority with them.

Some examples of marketing that can help provide complete coverage are:

Print Marketing

  • Billboard Ads
  • Bus Bench or Shelter Ads
  • Postcard and Print Marketing Outreach
  • Local Magazine Ads

Digital Marketing

  • Local Google Ads
  • Retargeting Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising

By building out a hyper-local marketing strategy over digital and print that shows to as many local people as possible, you’ll build the authority of your brand in that local area and continually remind people that you’re a locally-focused agent and you’re here to help.

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Through Your Community Outreach Strategy

To build a hyper-local community outreach strategy, you should think about being as local as possible and how you’ll give back. A lot of agents will help out large corporations and causes, and of course, if it’s a cause they’re passionate about, that’s great and very rewarding, but to be hyper-local, you need to focus on causes within the immediate community.

Chances are, your hyper-local market has a lot of causes that could use your help. Whether that’s sponsoring a community event, a seasonal neighborhood parade, or helping out your local church, focusing on local causes that get you and your brand in front of as many locals as possible is a great way to raise your presence in an area by showing that you care.

And while sponsoring and donating to local causes is a great way to establish your community outreach, it also doesn’t necessarily need to involve money; just your time. By volunteering in your community, people will also get to see you and meet you, and eventually, begin to associate you with having a strong presence in the area.

To Win at Hyper-Local, Be Hyper-Local

If you want to build a hyper-local marketing strategy, then you have to be hyper-local. The more ways that  you can involve yourself in and market yourself to your local geographical area, the more it will help you build out a successful local strategy.

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