Strategies and Opportunities for Agents in a Slower Market

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

If the market’s slower, what do you do? Ultimately, as an agent and a marketer, you should see this as an opportunity where you have some time to update your marketing and improve your overall processes and systems.

How to Choose a Domain for Your Real Estate Business

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

A lot of agents struggle with choosing a domain for their business, and for good reason. For the most part, the domain you choose is somewhat of a permanent decision, or at least it should be.

Why You Should Stop Using Single Page Property Websites for Your Listings

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

A single website with all of the information about your listing, all on a customized domain based on the property’s address: it seems like a good way to market a property, and usually, it’s pretty easy to get done. But there are a lot of drawbacks to taking this approach.

Strategies to Get Your Listings to the Top of the Search Results

| Marketing Strategy | 6 Min Read

A lot of agents wonder, if I have my own property listing on my own website, why isn’t it on the first page of a Google search result when I search for it? After all, it’s my listing. The simple answer as to why your listings don’t rank on your website is: you have too much competition. But here are some strategies to get ahead of them.

Why Real Estate Agents Should (Usually) Avoid Templated Websites

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

When we first talk to agents about working together on a website project, here’s what we tell them: Yes, we build websites, but above all else, we heavily focus on strategy. So, what does that mean?

How Many Real Estate Lead Generating Websites Is Too Many?

| Lead Generation | 4 Min Read

If you have a ton of websites, doesn’t that mean you’ll get more leads? Sure, it’s possible to have several websites, each with their own unique strategy to generate leads, but for most agents, though, it just doesn’t make sense.

Understanding Bounce Rate on Your Real Estate Website

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

What’s a good bounce rate to have on a real estate website? It’s not a straight-forward answer; understanding bounce rate is a bit confusing, and there’s a lot to know around when it’s a problem and when it’s not.

8 Traits of Crafting a Professional and Strategic Real Estate Website

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

When you’re planning on a getting a new website as a real estate agent, there’s a lot to consider; at least there is if you want it to be successful.

Who Are You Really Building A Real Estate Website For?

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Most agents don’t think about who they’re actually building their website for and doing what’s best for them. Here’s why that’s the wrong approach to take.

Why The Forms On Your Real Estate Website Don’t Get Conversions

| Lead Generation | 3 Min Read

Most people don’t want to fill out forms on a real estate website, but for the most part, that’s because most forms are poorly designed, intimidating to fill out, or have no thought behind them at all.

The Subtle Art of Using Popup Forms

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Popups aren’t dead. As with all digital marketing, it’s simply a subtly as to when and how to use them. In short, placing them well, and getting results, is an art. If you want to leverage pop-ups as part of your digital strategy for your real estate website, here are some rules to follow.

6 Strategies Real Estate Agents Should Do Right Now

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

A lot of real estate agents rely on old tactics to build their businesses, but they’re losing market share to the savvier agents that embrace technology. Here are some strategies you can use to get ahead online right now.

Do You Need a Chat Option on Your Real Estate Website?

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

When it comes to having a chat function on your website, there are a ton of options out there. But do you actually need it on a real estate website? The short answer is yes, at least in some capacity.

10 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Website Development Company Before You Hire Them

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

If you’re a real estate agent, and you’re thinking about getting a new website for your real estate business, you’re likely going to shop around and interview a few different real estate website development companies. Here are some of the questions you should ask before you hire them

Why Puckrin and Latreille Had Their Website Audited, Updated, and Relaunched

| Fireside Chats | 4 Min Read

A lot of agents ask us about how to get the most longevity out of their website. We recommend our Website Audit Service. Here’s how it helped one of our clients.