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Real estate is a competitive market. As it becomes more competitive, the saturation level of online marketing is going to reach a boiling point (if it hasn’t already). We are even seeing some markets already starting to overflow with agents. It’s becoming near impossible for agents to stand out in their respective markets.

Notice how we said near impossible?

In a world run by content marketing, online authority building, organic search, and a targeted website, there’s one more tactic that busy real estate agents can use to stand out and reach their target audience with laser-focused marketing efforts.

What is that tactic? Paid search.

How Does Paid Search Work?

When marketers talk about organic search, they mean things like SEO, domain authority, and other strategies that can sometimes take a while; it’s a long-term plan to give your site years-long momentum. Optimizing your real estate site for organic search is essential for any site, but it’s just as important to consider paid search.

At its core, paid search is a highly strategic and advanced method for getting your name and brand in front of the people who are most likely to convert.

Using established models to analyze when your ideal client is online, what devices they are using, and how they are searching (what words/combinations of words they use most often), we help your site rank higher for engaging terms and queries. This strategy introduces your brand to potential leads faster than your competition ever could.

Why is it so Effective?

According to our resident SEO and paid search expert, John Rosales, paid search is effective because it draws a lot of parallels from organic search.

The only difference is that, with organic search, we work towards building authority for your site. A paid search strategy typically skips the building period and goes straight to the results. The spend is higher, but the results are more definitive.

Results of our Paid Search Pilot Project

Before deciding to bring paid search as a service to all of our clients, we wanted to make sure we could see the results for ourselves. John spent a lot of time (between working with his regular SEO clients!) researching the real estate sphere and seeing what was going on in the digital world of paid search.

What he found was that the number of businesses “competing” for rankings with organic SEO was larger than the number of agents using paid search. Of the agents using paid search, most were not using it effectively. After seeing this gap, the team at Artifakt decided it was time to help our clients make the most from paid search.

We started with a pilot. Working with an existing client, we spent a month developing their paid search efforts. According to John, the ROI on the pilot project was about 2000:1, which is incredibly high. After just one month of paid search, the client had two conversions and those same leads turned into transactions.

For this pilot project, the client worked with a budget of $500/month. When you consider the two conversions and the subsequent commissions from each, that kind of ROI is significant.

“The potential for high ROI is huge,” John says. “With paid search for real estate, the volume is smaller, but the return is massive.” Paid search is essentially paying a premium for your marketing to be seen by high-quality leads who are looking to convert.

Paid Search Gets More Targeted the Longer You Do it

Our pilot project was only one month long, but the client already converted two leads from the service. That said, one of the best things about paid search is that, as time goes on, you are able to drill down on your target audience and carve out a specific niche that will only enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

“The targeting definitely gets tighter the more you do it,” says John.

So, what changes as you work on your paid search campaigns? “The core of the campaign stays the same, but the changes come from how we target the audience, the creative, ad copy, and more. We’re able to optimize it differently depending on who we are serving the ads to.”

As with any type of digital marketing, testing is essential with paid search. John understands the importance of finding what works and scrapping what doesn’t work. For example, running campaigns for traffic only is a waste of time with paid search. “We focus on getting high-quality traffic that is looking to convert,” he says.

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