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In today’s market, if you’re a real estate agent who isn’t taking advantage of opportunities online, then you are getting left behind and missing out on a significant chunk of business. Today, clients are all online, and if you’re not there to engage them, your business will suffer, and you won’t get much farther.

Here are 7 things that all real estate agents should be doing online:

1. Writing Killer Content

Content marketing is one of the most effective means of capturing your target audience’s attention. If you write amazing content that is entertaining, informative, and engaging, readers will continue to consume your material, and you will increase your reach and influence. As a real estate agent, you have the unique opportunity to position yourself as an expert in multiple fields. Not only can you produce content with your unique perspective on things in the real estate industry, but fun blog posts like listing the best coffee shops in your neighborhood or a roundup of local events are a great way to localize your marketing efforts and become known as a local influencer, not just a real estate authority.

2. Ensure Cohesive Branding Across All Platforms

Cohesive branding is critical for a successful real estate agent. So much so, that we wrote an entire blog about it a few weeks ago. When your branding is cohesive across all your print and digital platforms, you will instil better brand awareness and enable your brand to become synonymous with your reputation and values. This means using the same branding in your listing presentations, postcards, website, social media avatars, email headers, email signature, and more. When your branding is cohesive, it will also make clients trust you more, since they have a visual aid to remember you by.

3. SEO and Paid Advertising

Building a website without using SEO is like hosting an open house without promoting it anywhere. Sure, someone might walk by and check it out, but chances are, you won’t sell that house because no one has seen it. When you implement SEO or search engine optimization, you are using specific keywords to attract clients to your site.

SEO drives traffic to your site and helps clients find you easily online. It’s a non-negotiable. In this day and age, you need it.

4. Regular Website Audits and Updates

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear when talking to clients is that they think their website is a “one-and-done” solution. But in reality, a website is a constant, evolving concept that will stay with your business for years to come. One of the greatest things about having a beautifully-designed, easy-to-use website, is that you can make updates to it and still retain the same look and overall wow-factor. Updating content, posting blogs, changing pictures are all easy swaps that can help improve the performance of your site.

Getting regular “website audits” from an expert is also a good idea since they can look at the back end of the site and use tools like heatmapping to discover the most effective elements of your site. Additionally, they can recommend changes that will also improve the overall effectiveness of the site based on your unique business goals.

5. Posting Regularly on Social Media

Think about the last time you researched a company. What was the first thing you did? For many consumers, checking the company Facebook or Instagram page is the first thing they do when thinking about making a purchase. Now think about what you would do if that company hadn’t posted anything for several years. Or worse yet, if they didn’t even have a Facebook or Instagram account? You need to post regularly on social media. Whether it’s updating your followers about new listings or posting cute #OfficeDog shots, a well-rounded, light, and beautiful Instagram or Facebook feed is a definite requirement for today’s agent.

6. Videos, Livestreams, and Micro Moment Marketing

If you aren’t using video in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a vast market. Simple videos are compelling, easy to make, and loved by clients. Whether you’re doing video tours of your properties or making the most out of Facebook or Instagram Live’s, video is essential to a complete marketing plan.

Micro moment marketing like Instagram Stories are also a must for real estate agents since they will help you showcase your personality and connect with your followers on a personal level, which is something that every agent should strive to do.

7. Develop a Rock-Solid System for Email Follow Ups

Are you making the most of your CRM? In addition to your outbound marketing efforts, you should be contacting your database regularly through email marketing. With beautifully-branded email templates, you can send out on-brand communication to your database, which will entice them to engage with you and can help boost your referrals. However, one thing to note is to make sure your email content is terrific. If you send out a monthly email, include a variety of stories ranging from industry/business news, community news, and fun, lighthearted content.

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