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For real estate agents trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, a beautiful and eye-catching brand is vital. But it’s also important that your branding remains cohesive across all levels of your marketing. Disjointed marketing materials have an amateur look and will give a confusing impression to clients. In a competitive market, it’s critical that your brand is synonymous with something. That way, it will be instantly recognizable.

Some of the top reasons why you need cohesive branding for your real estate team include:

1. It Builds Brand Recognition and Trust

The simple fact is that the more someone sees something, the more likely they will learn about it and be able to recognize it quickly in the future. Think about ubiquitous logos like the Nike swoosh or the iconic Apple logo. These are all brands that immediately evoke a sense of trust and understanding. These brands are also seen everywhere. For example, Apple would not use a different logo for certain products; the singular brand vision is where the value comes from.

With your branding, this is important to consider since clients are trusting you with the largest purchase of their lives. You want a client to immediately think of your positive traits when they see your brand. Seeing cohesive branding builds trust in your company and encourages people to feel comfortable with you since they will recognize your branding.

2. Attracts the Right People

Consistent branding is the best way to target your ideal customer. When your brand is thoughtfully constructed, and it matches your messaging, you will ultimately attract more leads that match your perfect buyer persona. This means paying attention to the colors, images, and the overall feeling that the brand represents.

3. It Saves Time and Improves Efficiency

If you have a cohesive brand, it acts as a launchpad for all your content. It will save you time when making flyers, social media posts, and any other graphic that goes out. When you have cohesive brand guidelines, half the work is already done. You don’t have to worry about creating a letterhead or where to put your logo on a poster. Cohesive branding and brand guidelines also should include usage examples, which makes it even easier to maintain brand integrity with your marketing materials.

4. It Helps Customers and Team Members Act as Brand Ambassadors

New marketing is all about finding ambassadors for your brand. Branded print materials and templates like social media themes and sharable branded content is a great way to get your brand at the front of people’s minds. A strong brand will also give the same credibility to your team members. For example, if everyone on your team has branded headshots, clients will know to associate them to the unique brand, and therefore, will have more trust in your team members.

Consistent branding is critical when it comes to all of your print and digital materials. From your social media avatars and website to your “For Sale” signs, pamphlets, buyer’s guide, and more. All of these materials should feature consistent branding that strengthens your market share, creates trust, and promotes a simple, clean, streamlined process for producing new marketing materials.

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