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As a real estate agent, and a marketer, one of the goals of your marketing plan should be to build your email marketing database; and truthfully, you should never, ever stop building it.

Let’s break that down a bit…

Your email database consists of the people that you’re sending your email marketing to, consistently, so that when they’re ready to make a decision about who to work with, they’ll remember you.

One question I get asked fairly often is: is my email database the same thing as my CRM? And the answer is: it might be.

Some agents will keep the 2 separate, like perhaps, keep their CRM for their clients, leads, vendors, etc, and keep their email marketing database only for those people that they’re sending their email marketing too. This might make sense if you use MailChimp, for example, for your email marketing, and then another application for your CRM, because MailChimp is great for email marketing but doesn’t particularly work well as a robust CRM where you want to track information about your client deals.

The bottom line is, it’ll be different for each agent based on their workflow and needs, but it’s still worth calling out the difference.

But since we’re talking about building a marketing database with the sole purpose of sending out marketing emails, it begs the question: is email marketing dead? And the answer is a resounding: absolutely not.

Email marketing is still a strong, consistent way to send content to your database, as long as you make it meaningful, impactful, and full of information your audience actually wants to read.

But if you don’t have anything to sell anyone, is there a point to sending emails to your marketing database? Of course there is.

The entire point of email marketing, when it comes to real estate marketing, isn’t to sell someone a house; it’s to remind people that you exist.

Obviously, not everyone is ready to buy or sell a home all of the time, but they’re likely to at some point; and when they do, you want them to remember you, your brand, and your business.

And email marketing is a fantastic way to do that.

Of course,  what you send them matters, so if you want to learn more about that, you should check out this blog post about how to set up an effective email marketing campaign.

Think about it. Which of the following sounds like they have a stronger, more organized business and marketing strategy that brings in new clients:

  • An agent with some email addresses that they send random emails to once in awhile
  • Or, and agent that has a robust email marketing database full of engage contacts that actually open, read, and engage with their content.

As an agent, it makes absolute sense to build your email marketing database consistently. Doing so will grow the number of people you can send meaningful content to each month, and in turn, the number of people you do business.

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