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Back in 2019, which right now, seems like a different world ago, trying to win the business of a potential client usually meant driving to their home, sitting down on the couch or at their kitchen table, and explaining your plan around why you’re the best agent to market their home for sale.

But times have indeed changed, and as a modern real estate agent, your strategy around how you pitch your services to potential clients has changed as well.

Prior to the push to digital, there weren’t too many agents fully embracing the idea of meeting someone and presenting their services completely digitally, but now, being able to do so is a necessity.

But pitching yourself goes beyond just having a listing presentation that you can present digitally. To be successful, you now need to be able to show that you really understand marketing a home in today’s digital landscape; you need to be able to prove your digital competence. You need to show that you have embraced technology and you know how to market a home to people as if they’re actually there in person even if they’re not and may never be.

If you don’t have a strong digital strategy in place, then you’re already behind the agents that do.

The agents that embraced digital marketing years ago can confidently talk about their existing and pivoting web strategy. They can talk about their comprehensive digital marketing strategy that brings in many different people from many different places. They’re totally comfortable conducting business completely paperlessly. And so on…

In 2021, you need to be able to confidently talk about your ability to embrace technology and digital marketing if you want to confidently build new business and win more clients, and that will only continue to become more important in the future.

And while having a beautiful, strategic website is certainly part of showing that you care about and have embraced the push to digital, winning new business based on your digital competence goes beyond that into you actually having and being able to talk about your overall digital strategy; including a consistent brand look and feel, a well-thought search strategy, a strong content strategy, a strong marketing plan to back it all up, and a lot more.

The agents that are winning at digital strategy also know that their digital strategy is never ‘done’. It needs to constantly be adjusted to get the best results.

Being able to explain your knowledge of digital strategy to potential clients will separate you from the agents that can’t, and win you new business in a time when digital competence had never been more valuable.

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