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To be successful in business, you need to know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what you’re working towards; otherwise, you won’t have a clear direction around how you define success, nor will you be able to achieve it.

That’s where a well-defined mission statement can really help.

Most agents don’t spend time to put one together, often because they think that a mission statement is only for large, corporate brands, but that’s not true at all. Every business can benefit from having a clear mission statement (both an internal and external one).

Whether you’re a single agent, a medium sized team, or a large brokerage, a mission statement will help you build clarity around your objectives.


Because it provides direction and guidance around where your business is going and how to define the success of getting there. It helps align your brand and your business with what you’re working towards, both as a team and as entrepreneur.

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You Should Consider Both an Internal and External Mission Statement

Chances are, your business’ mission will be different based on what you want to accomplish, as well as what you want your team to accomplish. That’s why having both an external, client facing mission statement, as well as an internal, non-client facing for your team makes a lot of sense.

For example, here at Artifakt we have the following front-facing mission statement:

“We deliver comprehensive, modern, and well-thought-out strategies and services that push industry standards and help agents dominate their competition.”

And as well, we have an internal, team based mission statement:

“We aim to make every day an enjoyable work experience, where each and every team member is heard, encouraged, and given the chance to do meaningful work that makes a real difference in our client’s lives.”

As you can see, there’s a lot of differences between the two, but the main reason we have both is because we have different goals and values internally than we do for our clients, and you probably do as well.

  1. Your external mission statement is about your goals as a business and how your define success for your clients. It defines your purpose as it relates to your target audience and clients.
  2. Your internal mission statements is about your internal company culture and how your team defines success. It defines your purpose as it relates to your team.

Writing well-thought-out mission statements, for both your clients and your team, helps build direction and provides guidance, as well as lets everyone know what they’re working towards. Without knowing what you’re working towards, you won’t be able to reach your goals as an agent, as a team, or as a business.

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