Why Amy Gilmore Used Our Website Audit Service

| Fireside Chats | 4 Min Read

Our Website Audit Service is perfect for existing clients that have had their website online for a few years. Here’s how it impacted one of our client’s day-to-day business.

Why Every Agent Needs an Online Review Strategy

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

Right now, one of the most important things you can do as a real estate agent is to have positive reviews online. Where? Where? The answer is simply: everywhere you can.

Why The Forms On Your Real Estate Website Don’t Get Conversions

| Lead Generation | 3 Min Read

Most people don’t want to fill out forms on a real estate website, but for the most part, that’s because most forms are poorly designed, intimidating to fill out, or have no thought behind them at all.

Using Paid Search for Real Estate Agents Get More Conversions and Transactions

| Lead Generation | 4 Min Read

With many real estate markets becoming saturated with new agents, it’s harder for agents to stand out. After a month-long pilot project, we discovered that our clients could find significant success incorporating paid search into their digital marketing strategies. Here’s how.

The Subtle Art of Using Popup Forms

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Popups aren’t dead. As with all digital marketing, it’s simply a subtly as to when and how to use them. In short, placing them well, and getting results, is an art. If you want to leverage pop-ups as part of your digital strategy for your real estate website, here are some rules to follow.

6 Strategies Real Estate Agents Should Do Right Now

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

A lot of real estate agents rely on old tactics to build their businesses, but they’re losing market share to the savvier agents that embrace technology. Here are some strategies you can use to get ahead online right now.

Do You Need a Chat Option on Your Real Estate Website?

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

When it comes to having a chat function on your website, there are a ton of options out there. But do you actually need it on a real estate website? The short answer is yes, at least in some capacity.

10 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Website Development Company Before You Hire Them

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

If you’re a real estate agent, and you’re thinking about getting a new website for your real estate business, you’re likely going to shop around and interview a few different real estate website development companies. Here are some of the questions you should ask before you hire them

Essential Tools for Auditing A Real Estate Website’s Success

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

When you first launch your website, even if an experienced company builds it, everything should be considered to be in a testing phase, and you need to audit how the user is actually using it to determine what you need to change.

Why You Need the Facebook Pixel – Even if You Aren’t into Facebook Advertising Yet

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

The Facebook Pixel is an exciting tool that anyone using Facebook Advertising needs to be aware of. But did you know that you can get started with a Facebook Pixel before posting your first ad? In fact, we recommend it.

Why Puckrin and Latreille Had Their Website Audited, Updated, and Relaunched

| Fireside Chats | 4 Min Read

A lot of agents ask us about how to get the most longevity out of their website. We recommend our Website Audit Service. Here’s how it helped one of our clients.

4 Signs You Need to Redo Your Real Estate Website

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

Your real estate website isn’t a static thing. It’s something that needs attention and updating. If you notice any of these issues with your current site, you should think about redoing your real estate website in 2019.

Success Stories: Jody Thompson

| Fireside Chats | 5 Min Read

Jody Thompson from the Thompson Sells Team is a client who has used his website extensively to grow his business. Read more to find out how his team was able to grow this year, when many other agents in the area had to downsize.

4 Tips to Streamline Your Content and Attract Your Ideal Customer

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

Content marketing is effective. But how do you use your content in a way that specifically targets your ideal customer? Here are our tips for streamlining your content for maximum results.

Max Specht on What Makes Artifakt Different

| Fireside Chats | 3 Min Read

In this blog, we’re chatting with Max Specht, our Associate Creative Director about what makes Artifakt different from other agencies, and what we can expect in the future of real estate marketing.