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We know that the single most important piece of marketing for any top real estate agent is a well-designed and functional website. We know it’s often the first thing clients will check before making a purchase decision, and we know that a sharp, effective website can help real estate agents stand out among competitors.

However, with all this digital buzz, it might seem like print marketing is being slowly phased out. But, in fact, that’s not the case at all. Although, as consumers, we seem to give more attention to digital marketing, print is very much still alive and a critical component of any high-quality marketing strategy. When print goes hand-in-hand with a strong digital strategy, the result is a comprehensive plan that drives results and helps improve brand awareness and creates a complete picture of your business in the public eye.

Here are 4 reasons why print is not dead.


1. In a Digital World, Print Stands Out to Clients

Years ago, companies would have used digital to stand out. But now that companies everywhere are using digital strategies, it’s the print marketing that stands out. Despite the easy access and ‘cool factor’ when it comes to digital, people still love to touch and feel things in their hands.

An expertly-designed and printed listing presentation or thank-you card just elevates your name and brand in the eyes of a client. They’ll remember you because they have physically held your products in their hands.

Additionally, in today’s modern offices, we are seeing a significant reduction in print materials. Gone are the traditional filing cabinets and huge mail rooms. So when you have a piece of printed collateral, it will draw more attention. People’s interest will be piqued because we are slowly adjusting to seeing less printed material out in the world today.


2. When the Content is Good, Print is Better at Capturing Attention

Think about the blogs you follow online. If an article is not capturing your attention, what do you do? You just close the window and move on. But when you are looking at print material, it can feel more important, more engaging, and ultimately, more unique. If you have really important or interesting content that you want to use to engage your audience, you might want to consider print as the format for getting it across. Your readers will love turning the page to read what’s next, as long as the content is top-notch.


3. Print Might Be Better at Engaging Different Audiences

When you invest time in a digital marketing campaign, you can easily target the audience and ensure that only interested readers will see what you’re putting out. With print, you might be more likely to engage readers that would normally pass on your emails, social media posts, or blogs. People are more likely to read physical, printed content about topics they might not be completely interested in.


4. Print is Always There

When you read a blog or go on Facebook, you can easily turn off your device and forget about what you were looking at. The content won’t resonate and stick as much as a physical copy of printed materials. Think about it; if you receive a magazine in the mail and put it on your coffee table, you might look at it several times per day and be reminded to pick it back up and look at it.

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