“I’m running digital ads and we’re getting a lot of clicks but we’re not seeing any conversions.”

“I’m creating a landing page but have no idea what a high converting landing page should include?”

“I’m just here for the free food.”

Any of these sound familiar?

Successful conversion isn’t easy; you can push out tons of direct mail or email newsletters and never see any return on your investment.

Conversion: When someone on the receiving end of a marketing message performs a desired action. Clicking through, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a form are all types of conversion.

In this post, we’ll show you how to create high-converting landing pages with irresistibly clickable copy that will make your user beg you to take their email.


  • How to create clickable headlines
  • Science-backed calls to action
  • Effective imagery
  • Well-designed “angles”
  • Using social proof

Makes your headlines irresistible

The first thing anybody sees on your page is the headline. Often the only thing anybody sees on your page is the headline – five times as many people read your header as your body copy. Crafting a strong headline is tricky – all it takes is a little psychology to make them irresistible.

Here are some of the best, data-backed ways to write ultra-clickable headlines:

Include numbers

Two of the biggest drivers of clicks is specificity and benefit. When a reader sees a number in your headline, they see the exact “value” that you’re offering.

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Add adjectives

Pretend you’re a food blogger and use delicious, emotional, descriptive adjectives in your headlines.

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Be ultra-specific

Today’s readers are way more savvy than at any other time in history. Most Internet users consumes tons of content every day, making standing out and offering specific value that much more important.

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Add in benefits

What will the reader get out of giving you their email? Out of reading your blog post? Let them know!

Try this template:

Number + Adjective + Noun + Keyword + Benefit

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Use Science-Backed Calls to Action Buttons

How can you make the call to action button irresistibly clickable?

By reinforcing the value proposition of you headline with a clear action.

If your headline is “Easily Lose 30 Pounds In 90 Days!”, your button should say “Start Losing Weight Now”.

This reinforces the value proposition of losing weight in a short amount of time, while also creating the urgency and immediate satisfaction of clicking.

The action and benefit is clear  – click to lose weight. It’s reinforced by the promise of the headline.

Other examples:

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As far as visuals go, here are some basics for making your button visually irresistibly clickable:

  • Leave white space around the button so it stands out
  • Choose orange, green, or red for the button
  • It can be big, but not too big – bigger buttons get fewer clicks

Try testing multiple headlines and buttons to see what gets more clicks from your users!

Choosing better images

You don’t always need a header image (called a hero) that stands out. In fact, you don’t want your image to take away from your value-offering, attention-grabbing headline.

So what do you need?

Studies show that images with people on them are more enticing. Users will click because images of happy people make them feel like they’ll be happier by clicking.

Choose stock images that are high-quality, but not too stock-photo-y. There are a number of free websites where you can get inexpensive stock images.

Vector images also work well for driving clicks, just try to keep the style similar to other pages on your site. You want a consistent brand.

Write copy that converts

Normally, we’d recommend that your copy outlines the benefits to taking the desired action.

But in the case of most landing pages, you actually want as little copy as possible.

Let me explain.

Every transaction has a risk. Even buying a pack of gum has a risk – it could turn out to be the worst gum you’ve ever had.

The riskier the action – on a scale of click on a blog post to buying a car – the more benefits you need to add.

Landing pages are often about gathering email addresses. Giving away your email isn’t an ultra-risky action. To smoothly navigate your user from quick visitor to giving you their email address, you only need a quick benefit or two. These benefits can be delivered in a strong headline and maybe a subheader.

That’s it. Just a header and maybe one sentence after, with a kick-ass value proposition and a clickable button.

Add in social proof

We call this “giving it a kick in the testimonials”.

Imagine you’re driving by two restaurants:

One restaurant looks amazing. It’s got a great logo, the inside looks comfortable and inviting, and they just so happen to have a deal on your favourite food (in my case, chicken fingers).

The second restaurant is a little drab. Maybe even a little dirty. The building could use some sprucing up, however, there’s a line up of people out the door.

Which one would you assume is better?

Social proof is what makes Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, and Amazon such brand-making services. They’ve commodified testimonials and collected them on a large scale.

Backlinko uses testimonials as part of their call-to-action, and it's super effective.

Backlinko uses testimonials as part of their call-to-action, and it’s super effective.

One good review is worth a hundred so-so ones. Try to chop up a testimonial so it’s “sticky”, or memorable.

Put a short testimonial right before your call to action. If you have a few, put it in after – in case someone needs a little more convincing.

And finally…

Increase your conversions and get way more leads from your direct mail campaigns by getting a professional to do it. We can build you a mobile-optimized landing page that seamlessly drives conversions and integrates into your existing site. Ask us how!

- Tyler McAuley-Vallier, Analytics, Advertising, and SEO Strategiest


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