Planning Your Digital Strategy for the New Year

| Marketing Strategy | 6 Min Read

The fact is, the digital strategy landscape is always changing, and as a real estate agent, you also need to change what you’re doing in your strategy to adapt, grow, and get more traffic, leads, and deals; especially if you want to build success in the new year.

Why Outsourcing Social Media is the Wrong Move for Agents

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

If you take a look at an agent’s Instagram or Facebook account that someone else is managing, you can usually tell they’re outsourcing it. Their feeds are usually filled with the typical type of content that isn’t very personal: quotes, blog posts, etc.

Carving a Niche to Get Better Real Estate Leads

| Lead Generation | 5 Min Read

There’s a ton of power (and money) in finding a niche and focusing on it to build your business. Here are 5 ways to get started building your niche to build your business.

Why Agents Should be Investing in Their Real Estate Blog Strategy

| Lead Generation | 4 Min Read

15+ years ago, there weren’t a lot of real estate agents investing in their blog strategy, so the ones that did, and continued to do so, have a huge advantage right now over the ones that didn’t.

What Top Real Estate Agents Are Doing (That You’re Probably Not)

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

When it comes to real estate marketing, often, the things that are the most amount of work are usually the things that make the biggest impact in seeing results.

Determining What a Real Estate Lead Actually Is

| Lead Generation | 4 Min Read

The term ‘lead’ gets thrown around a lot by real estate agents and marketing companies alike, and with good reason. But what exactly is a lead? Let’s dig into it.

8 Traits of Crafting a Professional and Strategic Real Estate Website

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

When you’re planning on a getting a new website as a real estate agent, there’s a lot to consider; at least there is if you want it to be successful.

Why Real Estate Teams Need Cohesive Branding

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

Real estate teams in a competitive market need consistent branding across all their marketing materials. Here’s a look at why cohesive branding matters and how a thoughtful brand can improve your business and give your company more trust and authority with clients.

Where Do Real Estate Agents Get Their Leads?

| Lead Generation | 3 Min Read

Finding new clients is the name of the game for real estate professionals. But where are savvy agents finding new contacts? Here are a few online and in-person strategies to help drive traffic to your business.

Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2019

| Marketing Strategy | 6 Min Read

True innovation comes when you start to think outside the box. If you aim to improve your marketing efforts in 2019, consider these unique real estate marketing ideas.

Do I Need HTTPS for My Website?

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Do you need HTTPS for your website? Whether you’re collecting personal data or you just want to give your website an SEO boost, updating your site to HTTPS is worthwhile.

Branding as a Team or an Individual: The Pros and Cons

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

When it comes to branding your business, you have two options: brand as an individual or a team. There are pros and cons to both choices. Here, we take a look at both options and give you an idea of what to expect from both before you make a decision.

The True Value of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Outsourcing is a no brainer for many essential services. Your digital marketing is just one more thing you should consider hiring someone else to take care of. Here is the true value of outsourcing your real estate marketing efforts.

How Much Should You be Spending on Digital Marketing?

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

How much should you be spending on your website? Although the exact number might change depending on the size or scale of your business, there a few guidelines you should follow to make sure you are getting the best value.

Effective Marketing Ideas for Slow Summer Periods

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Summer is notoriously slow for many businesses. People go on vacation and out-of-office replies are the norm. As a business owner, there are a few things you can do to boost your marketing efforts and head into fall with purpose and momentum. Here are a few strategies to try.