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We talk a lot about living in the digital age. More than ever, people are turning to their devices for information, advertisements, entertainment, and more. We rely on our phones for everything from finding a reliable service provider to seeing what our friends and family are up to on a regular basis on social media. In 2016, the number of people who browsed the internet on a mobile device exceeded the number of people on a computer for the first time. But in the era of personal devices, how can print material still be useful?

The answer is easy; it’s still incredibly useful, and a large percentage of customers prefer having materials in-hand rather than online.

So, if you already have a strong digital presence, how can you leverage it into a strong print campaign that is effective with a good return on investment?

Here are a few things to consider:


Branded Business Cards

Whether you’re an independent real estate agent or part of a brokerage, a unique, well-designed business card is going to stand out. This is especially the case when using modern design, branded colors, different paper stocks, and more. A unique business card shows that you are willing to stand out. Embossing, adding matte portions, and thinking outside of the box are just a few ways you can take a typical broker business card and turn it into something special that speaks to your clients and lets them know you stand out from the competition.


Custom “For Sale” Signs and Open House Signs

The “For Sale” sign is often an iconic component of any real estate company or brokerage. It should be instantly recognizable and should give an excellent impression right away. Although many larger brokerages have specific rules about what you can and cannot do with the “For Sale” sign, there are some parameters you can change that will be impactful and help you further stand out while respecting brokerage brand standards.

A well-designed open house sign will also draw in foot traffic and present the exact image you are looking for when it comes to showing your properties.


Letterheads and Other Documents

When your branding is cohesive across all your digital platforms, it only makes sense that the theme carries over into your forms, letters, envelopes, and other print material. Not only does this small detail look impressive to clients, but it also reinforces your branding while creating more awareness. The more exposure a client has to your branding and logo, the more familiar they will be, making them more likely to trust your name and image and purchase services from you. Some examples of branded print documents include:

  • Postcards
  • Thank-you cards
  • Feature sheets
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Listing presentations
  • Market reports


Print Ads

Although more people than ever are getting exposure to ads online, print media is still a very effective form of communication. Think about how many billboard ads, transit signage, and magazine ads you see in a day; the number is still quite high. It’s critical that these materials offer a cohesive brand and picture. When someone sees your billboard or print ad, they will immediately go to your website. Rather than a juxtaposition, the website should be a continuation of the branding and style reflected in the ad. This also goes for newsletters, both digital and printed.

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