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Amy Gilmore, Team Lead for the Gilmore Property Group, was at a crossroads. Her business and her team were growing, but she needed an update to her website to matched that growth. The problem? She didn’t know where to start.

So, she came to the people who helped build her site in the first place.

Like any of our websites, Amy’s was ahead of the industry when it was first built, but the internet moves fast. Websites age at a rapid pace, and her site was beginning to feel dated and not reflective of her approach.

In her own words: “I had an excellent past working relationship with Artifakt Digital. So, automatically, the trust was there. Obviously, technology advances at the speed of light.”

“Three years go by, and my business evolved and there were changes that weren’t there a few years ago. I wanted to clean up my site, reflect where my business is today, and be more in keeping with current technology on my site.”

Through our Website Audit Service, Amy would learn how users were interacting with her website and what we could do to bring it back to an industry-leading position.

The results? Well, they speak for themselves…

Our Website Audit Service is perfect for existing clients that have had their website online for a few years because it allows them to make a strategic update, based on data, that gives their website more longevity and avoids the need to redesign the entire website.

A Website Audit Changes Everything

If your site has been online for a year, there is often enough data to know how it’s working. But, it takes experts to make sense of it and offer real, substantive changes.

A dated website can be as damaging as a wrong phone number or an open house sign pointing the wrong way. It’s a barrier for potential leads who want to convert and work with you.

Our Website Audit process was built to help by utilizing:

  • Heat-mapping software to see how users find value (and where they lose interest).
  • A deep, analytical dive to assess the peaks and valleys of a website’s performance.
  • Our team’s ability to determine key modernizations in design, copy, and lead capture strategy.

Amy says it best, “The Website Audit findings were mind-blowing. That was probably the best wake-up call, realizing how detailed and how specific it can get. It is so much more than just design and aesthetics.”

Changes Based on Substance and Style

The Website Audit process relies on accessing the skill of our real estate marketing experts. We don’t make changes for the sake of making changes. We rely on data that drives decisions to help nurture leads and “funnel” them into the right decision.

As Amy puts it: “The team gave me excellent suggestions on things that I wouldn’t have thought about that would make for great changes to my site. In terms of the aesthetics, I had interests in adjustments and everyone was quick to respond and make the changes as I articulated them. It was a great process.

I think a big part of equipping the site for the long term was trimming the fat. The team pointed out, through the heat mapping process, that there were areas where people weren’t looking or were looking at certain areas more. We really focused on beefing that up and improving those areas, specifically the ones that brought people to the site.”

“I feel that the site is now a lot more user-friendly and is going to keep people coming back for the things that they want. It is just cleaner, but more powerful. Moving forward, I think it is really going to last the test of time.”

Our Website Audit process offers longevity for your site – building an opportunity to not only help it keep up with the times, but to go beyond them, too. It’s not simply about how things look, it’s about making them work better for modern audiences.

What Does Amy Gilmore Recommend Agents Do?

“From a learning perspective, I needed Artifakt’s assistance to really put my thoughts online and to do it in a tech-savvy way. So, as an agent, the Website Audit is going to teach you a lot.

You’re going to appreciate the nuances of a website a lot more than you are aware of. It is something valuable both for the future of your business, as well as the day-to-day. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. In my mind, it is just as important as showing up on time and well-dressed to an appointment.”

Is Your Website Behind the Times?

Your website isn’t immune to change. Tastes change, and a website that once felt cutting edge could feel prehistoric today.

Our Website Audit service helps our past clients keep up and stay ahead. Understanding what you have and improving it with insights that offer longevity. We help future-proof your investment.

Want to know more about what it’s like to work with the Artifakt Digital team? Download our ROI eBook and see how we’ve positively impacted both the businesses and bottom lines of some of North America’s top-producing real estate agents.
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