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4 Signs You Need to Redo Your Real Estate Website

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Updating a website is a massive undertaking for a business. In our latest interview series, agents from across North America have told us just how much work it truly is, and how they underestimated many aspects of the web design process. It’s a big deal.

However, updating your website could also be one of the most rewarding things you could do for your business, so it’s essential that you do it at the right time.

Here are four signs that it’s time to invest in a new website for your real estate business:

1. Your Current Website Has Incorrect Info on it

For many potential leads, your website is the first thing they will check to make sure you are a legit business that they can trust. If your current site has incorrect information, old email addresses, wrong numbers, or anything else that is not current or correct, you need to change this ASAP. It will give a terrible impression and turn a lot of clients off you.

Like we learned from our latest client interview, a website is not a static thing. You need to change it as your business changes, and that means keeping it updated with even the smallest details such as team member titles, addresses, and more. If this basic info is not correct, why would a client ever trust you with the most important transaction of their lives?

2. You’re Not Getting Any Leads, but Traffic is High

The nature of real estate means that leads are often coming in from a variety of sources, and a good marketing campaign will incorporate numerous avenues that will drive leads to your business. However, your website should drive a substantial number of leads, and you should get regular form submissions and inquiries from the site.

If you notice that your website traffic is booming, but no one on the page is converting, you have a big problem. You’re doing a good job driving traffic to the site, but there’s something on the page that is causing people to check out and not fill out your forms or not contact you about working together.

This could be due to numerous factors. At Artifakt, we use a variety of tools to determine the effectiveness of your site. Tools like heatmapping will show where people are clicking on the site and checking metrics such as time on page, bounce rate, and click-through rate will show the path users are taking.

3. You’re a Big-Time Agent, but Your Website is Templated

At Artifakt, we talk a lot about templated vs. custom websites. A templated website is a cheaper solution that is often recommended to new agents by their brokerage when they are just getting started. It’s essentially a framework that is used by many other agents. The content is interchangeable, but the website itself offers little unique value. It’s also often glaringly obvious.

A custom website is precisely that. It’s a site that is designed from the ground up with your business in mind. The content, design, and strategy are entirely based on your unique goals and market position. Custom websites If you are a top agent, still using a templated website, it’s definitely time to leap to a custom solution. 

4. Your Website No Longer Represents Who You Are or Where You Want to Go

Real estate is a constantly changing and evolving industry. Along with market changes, your ideas and goals probably look a lot different than they did when you just started in real estate. That’s one of the main reasons why your website has to represent who you are.

If you give people your website URL and follow it up with, “don’t judge me!” or “I hate my website,” that’s a clear sign that you need to update.

If your site no longer represents your brand or if it no longer showcases who you really are as a sales professional, you need to make a change. In most cases, your website is the first thing people will check when they want to work with you, and if it doesn’t represent your vision, you are not going to be very successful.

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