The Components of a Modern Listing Marketing Strategy

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Nowadays, your listing marketing strategy is all about making potential buyers feel like they’re actually there, when in fact, they could be miles away and may never even see the property in person.

Techniques to Market Your Listings Online in 2021

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Now more than ever, your ability to market a listing successfully online can directly contribute to you actually getting the listing or not.

7 Ways To Ensure Your Listings Pages Stand Out (And Work)

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Listings are one of the top reasons why someone would ever visit your site, so you need to ensure they stand out and are being showcased in the best way possible.

Why You Should Stop Using Single Page Property Websites for Your Listings

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

A single website with all of the information about your listing, all on a customized domain based on the property’s address: it seems like a good way to market a property, and usually, it’s pretty easy to get done. But there are a lot of drawbacks to taking this approach.

Why IDX is Antiquated and Shouldn’t Be Part of Your Future Lead Generation Strategy

| Lead Generation | 4 Min Read

Fact is, for agents, IDX as a lead generation strategy is over. The big players, like Zillow,, RedFin, Trulia, HomeSnap, etc, have already won this race, and there’s no point in competing with them.

Does Your Real Estate Website Really Need IDX Integration?

| Lead Generation | 5 Min Read

We get asked about IDX on real estate websites all the time. But does having an automatic listing feed on your site really make a big difference? We’re looking at every angle here so you can make an informed decision for your real estate website.