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In this seller’s market, listing presentations are critical components in every real estate agent’s toolkit. The listing presentation is your calling card, so to speak, and your chance to convince sellers to choose you for their listing. With so much on the line in a competitive market, it’s vital that your listing presentation stands out and proves your worth to prospective clients.

Want to get the most out of your listing presentation? Check out these tips and tricks for nailing the presentation and securing the client every time:

Research the Property

Before heading into the presentation, you should grab as much information as possible about the property and even the sellers. For instance, check past MLS listings to see if the property was sold in the past, get the tax records and any other official public documents you can acquire. Learn about the neighborhood and take some time to go through the area, take pictures and notes to use later.

It’s also a good idea to research the seller, perhaps by a simple Google search, you can find out that the seller is a local celebrity, a business owner, or has other prominent distinction that you can leverage in the presentation.

The more you know about the property and the seller going into the meeting, the more eager and keen you look to a client.

Do a Comparative Market Analysis

One important part of your research should be a comparative market analysis (CMA). This is your opportunity to check what similar homes or condos in the area have sold for recently. If you have not yet viewed the property, this could prove to be a challenge, so it’s a good idea to cater your CMA to broad results before refining the analysis more.

Ask Lots of Questions

Many real estate agents feel that the listing presentation is their time to shine and “show them what you can do.” But in reality, you should also be asking lots of questions to the seller to get to know them better and find out their goals and unique challenges. Ask questions like why they are selling, what their monetary goals for the sale are, and if they are interviewing other agents. By asking pertinent questions, you will show the seller that you have a vested interest in securing this deal and you are ready to work with them to realize their goals and sell the property.

Understand What Metrics to Promote

Real estate agents talk a lot about their success. Having a high GCI or closing a certain amount of deals per year are always impressive stats to communicate. However, you should also think about things that a seller would want to know such as the average time it takes you to sell a home, your negotiating skills, and more. Don’t be afraid to brag a little here and let the seller know why you are the right person to sell their home.

Provide Sleek and Elegant Visuals

Most people understand things visually, so having an actual presentation that is sleek, modern, elegant, and refined can certainly work in your favor.

A combination of high-quality print material and digital content are a definite must these days, and clients will appreciate the time and expense you took to prepare for the meeting.

Make Yourself Available for Follow-Ups

Even if the seller has zero questions for you during the presentation, they might remember something a day or two later after they’ve digested your content and thought about the deal further. Make sure you are available to take the call or reply to the email right away. This sets a precedent for future dealings and if the client sees that you answer promptly, it might sway them in your direction when it comes time to choosing a selling agent.

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