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The True Value of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

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As a busy real estate agent, you need to prioritize your time effectively. Each moment wasted is a moment you could be spending on following up with leads or confirming a sale. When you spend time on tasks not immediately related to these goals, you are essentially wasting money. This is why outsourcing is such a popular tactic for real estate agents and other busy professionals.

Not only does it allow you to not go through the process of adding to your team, but it ensures that your work is completed professionally, by someone who is trained and qualified to get the work done. Look at it this way, unless you were a handy person, you probably wouldn’t try to fix a busted pipe yourself. You would hire a plumber to get the job done because they know how to fix pipes quickly and efficiently. The same goes for things relating to your business, the main example being your marketing strategies.

Here are a few ways to enjoy the true value of outsourcing your marketing projects:


Your Team Will Stay the Same – and You’ll Save

Large teams can often incorporate their own marketing department, but for the small-to-mid-sized team, that can be a challenge. This is the perfect opportunity for outsourcing because, rather than paying a salary to get a project done, you are able to pay an invoice for the individual project alone. For companies that are looking for specific things like web design, branding, or content writing, this can be a huge cost-saving measure.


You (And Your Team) Can Focus on What’s Important

The life of an entrepreneur means wearing numerous hats throughout the day. In one day you might have a photoshoot, viewings, meetings with prospective buyers or sellers, and more. Don’t forget about all the administrative decisions that often fall on the business owner. The truth is that there simply are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, especially if you are focusing on other secondary tasks like posting on social media or writing blogs. What usually happens is that these tasks fall to employees, who are then removed from their own personal tasks in order to do something that isn’t necessarily their job.

When you outsource specific tasks, you and your team can forget about these projects and focus only on your own goals and tasks that need to get done, improving focus and productivity tenfold.


Do it Right Once

If digital marketing is not your strong suit, you might find yourself taking a long time to complete tasks or fiddling with things that an expert would be able to do in half the time. Although the old saying goes, “when you want something done right, do it yourself,” it is more common to see, “when you want something done right, hire someone who knows.” Think about how many clients you meet who have tried to sell a house on their own and failed? It’s the same principle. If you’re not an experienced content writer, work with someone who is. If you don’t know how to design a website, outsource it and save time and money on getting it done right, from the start.


You Might Learn Something

When employees in your organization are working on your digital marketing projects, they might be a little too close to the project to understand the full scope. Working with an outsourced company or contractor will offer a fresh perspective and can lead to ideas and innovations that may have never crossed your mind. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to accept every idea because it comes from an outside source, but the collaborative nature of outsourced companies and contractors means that you will be open to new ideas that could significantly improve the project or take it to a level you never dreamed of!

Whether you’re thinking about outsourcing for a specific project such as website design, looking for a refreshed brand, or want to outsource recurring tasks like SEO and content writing, a digital marketing company with a specialization in real estate will offer incredible time-saving results and a high ROI. That’s the bottom line.

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