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David Fleming

Broker and Author of TRB

The Artifakt Digital team was incredible throughout the process. Paige was a great combination of all things necessary for the project – blunt and honest, but would listen to everything and anything we said. She had her own ideas and opinions, opened our eyes (mainly mine) to new features, and was an exceptional communicator. That’s such an understated and undervalued trait these days, and I can’t stress enough how easy she was to work with. Jessica was in that same boat – excellent communicators and great with feedback. She, too, is very creative, and had some awesome ideas for us.

Cameron was a warrior. The communication, again, was outstanding. He answered every one of Sneha’s (Marketing Manager) emails, and in a timely manner. As I told you when we met, I have worked with several web developers over 11 years, and they’ve all disappointed me. Terrorized me, at times. I couldn’t be more pleased with how this has turned out, and the experience that Artifakt Digital provided.

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