Rashid Notash | Toronto, Ontario

Conveying a unique downtown edge.

Equal parts hustle and bustle, we crafted Rashid Notash's brand to befit Downtown Toronto’s pace and spaces.

Rashid Notash

Broker at The Real Estate Office Brokerage Inc.

I contacted the Artifakt Digital team when I needed help with my branding and website. I also called a few website providers and marketing agencies butArtifakt Digital stood out the most. They met me in person to get a feel for what I had in mind since I didn’t have much of an online presence. There were many questions and a few surveys which helped with the process. Everyone in the team was professional, helpful, and patient every step of the way. The project finished right on time and they had a lot of useful tips about what I should do after the website is launched. I will continue working with the team at Artifakt Digital and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to have an exceptional online presence.

Rashid Notash Branding
Rashid Notash