Jacqueline Watson | Toronto, Ontario

Designed to Build Genuine Connections

Jacqueline Watson is known for her caring and knowledgeable approach, and we wanted to help her create a website that would reflect that. The warmth that comes through in the copy and design, along with the site's ease-of-use make, ensure that Jacqueline's new online space is as welcoming as she is.

Jacqueline Watson

Sales Representative

If you’re looking for some amazing design work for your real estate business then, look no further than Artifakt digital. I have worked with Artifakt for a while now and I must say that I am very pleased. They are my go to. In addition to the work they have done with me previously, they did some design work for me recently and it was impeccable – the level of detail and thought that they put into their work is truly astounding. They’re also a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond and very helpful. I couldn’t recommend them more!