Goodfellow Realty | Winnipeg, MB

Goodfellow Realty, Refined.

Clients of Goodfellow Realty know them as an approachable, down-to-earth team—and when we created their website, we didn't want that to change. The challenge was balancing that warmth with a level of professionalism that matches their decades of expertise. By combining modern and traditional design with friendly-yet-polished content, we built an elevated product that speaks to Goodfellow Realty's existing client base, and beyond.

Tom Goodfellow

President at Goodfellow Realty

Artifakt Digital is an amazing company from top to bottom. Their ideas, their organization, their responsiveness are all top of the industry, but their best asset is their staff. Such wonderful, caring, stylish, modern and attentive people. Our website and rebrand exceeded our expectations. During our rebrand I was extremely busy doing day to day work and they stayed on me when they had to, but had such a great approach to it. I can’t say enough good things about them. It has been one year since the rebrand and business has climbed exponentially.

Goodfellow Realty Website Design by Artifakt Digital
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