Charlton Advantage | Milton, Ontario

The Charlton Advantage's Marketing Advantage

For this busy team, we have helped them build a web presence and host of materials to match their forward-thinking approach to marketing and love for their community.

Chuck Charlton

Team Leader

Artifakt Digital has built two websites for us, managed a major re-branding effort, and they continue to help us tweak our website and marketing materials ongoing. I’m always impressed with the way they can make such huge projects so manageable by being organized, and by adding great suggestions at each step. I love how they think about our target audience, and how they help us to refine our message to our ideal customer.

Our results so far have multiplied our investments in their products and services many times over. We get LOTS of customers because of our brand and our website. We are 110% delighted with Artifakt Digital, and they’ve become an essential partner in our real estate business.

Charlton Advantage Website Design
Charlton Advantage