How to Build Video Into Your Content and SEO Strategy

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

The usefulness of video doesn’t end at just being a good way to tell a story. Video can also be a valuable tool to build into your overall content and SEO strategy to get more traffic to your website.

Our Top 5 Takeaways from Inbound 2021

| Inbound Marketing | 6 Min Read

Last week, our leadership team attended Inbound, a three-day digital marketing conference held by Hubspot, one of the industry leaders in the digital and inbound marketing space. Here are our top 5 takeaways from Inbound 2021.

Why You Need an External Link Building Strategy for Your Real Estate Website

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

A solid, well-rounded SEO strategy is made up of a lot of moving parts, and one key element of it is your link building strategy, which involves building the number of inbound links to your website.

How to Choose a Domain for Your Real Estate Business

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

A lot of agents struggle with choosing a domain for their business, and for good reason. For the most part, the domain you choose is somewhat of a permanent decision, or at least it should be.

Strategies to Get Your Listings to the Top of the Search Results

| Marketing Strategy | 6 Min Read

A lot of agents wonder, if I have my own property listing on my own website, why isn’t it on the first page of a Google search result when I search for it? After all, it’s my listing. The simple answer as to why your listings don’t rank on your website is: you have too much competition. But here are some strategies to get ahead of them.

Optimizing Your Real Estate SEO Strategy for Zero Click Searches

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

Google says that 49% of all searches are now zero click searches. But what are zero click searches exactly, and why should you, as a real estate agent, even care about it?

Best Website and Marketing Metrics to Track for 2019

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

This time of year is made for reflection. Before committing to an online marketing strategy in 2019, you should take a look at your metrics from 2018. Here are the top Google Analytic metrics you should track heading into the new year.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

| Marketing Strategy | 5 Min Read

The world of SEO can be complicated, especially when you consider how different SEO best practices are today as opposed to several years ago. Avoid the most common SEO mistakes and make sure your website is not penalized by search engines using this guide.

The True Value of Outsourcing Your Real Estate Marketing Efforts

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Outsourcing is a no brainer for many essential services. Your digital marketing is just one more thing you should consider hiring someone else to take care of. Here is the true value of outsourcing your real estate marketing efforts.

How Much Should You be Spending on Digital Marketing?

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

How much should you be spending on your website? Although the exact number might change depending on the size or scale of your business, there a few guidelines you should follow to make sure you are getting the best value.

Effective Marketing Ideas for Slow Summer Periods

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

Summer is notoriously slow for many businesses. People go on vacation and out-of-office replies are the norm. As a business owner, there are a few things you can do to boost your marketing efforts and head into fall with purpose and momentum. Here are a few strategies to try.

Creating a Content Calendar: 4 Easy Steps

| Marketing Strategy | 4 Min Read

A content calendar will streamline your social posting, blogging, and marketing efforts. Follow these easy and effective steps for creating a high-quality, exciting content calendar.

Every Real Estate Website Needs to Follow these 6 Critical SEO Tips

| Marketing Strategy | 3 Min Read

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep real estate agents in Google’s good favor and help you rank highly on search engines: