This blog series is written by Sarah Lucier, our Advertising Intern from St. Clair College.

What No One Tells You About Design

The other day we discussed how to target your desired audience. Today we will be discussing what makes a website successful from the design perspective. We understand that we all can’t be great graphic designers or professional website builders, but we can understand the aspects that go into a website that make it more visually appealing to the user.

Plan, Plan, Plan and then Plan Some More

The first step to designing, or the first step to anything really, is planning out what you are going to do. Planning out a solid strategy before you dive into creating will help set your website up for success and make it easier for you to design and create the actual website.

Another thing to keep in mind is to structure your content before your start designing your site. Remember what I said earlier about how everything needs to revolve around your target audience? You need to structure your copy around your target audience so they are interested in what you are saying and will actually read what’s on your site. From here, you can start moving on to the actual design aspects of the website.

It’s Actually Not All About You

Funny thing about designing a website for yourself and for your brand; it’s actually not about you. One thing you should keep in mind when creating any website is design the site as the user would like to see it.

You need to focus on what the potential customer would want to see. Put yourself in their shoes; would a customer want to see a bunch of listings, or would they want to see how you sell those homes and showcase your strengths? Sure, everyone likes to look at pictures of houses, but wouldn’t it be more effective if you showcase your talents and sell the potential customer on why they should choose you as an agent?

At Artifakt we construct all of our websites to be incredibly user friendly, responsive to any device, clean and welcoming.

I’m About to Tell You Some Secrets…

I’ll give you a couple tips on how you can make your website visually appealing and easy for a user to navigate.

  • Do not always use stock photos! Using real photos make it more humanizing and reflects a positive image on the brand.
  • Include CTA’s (call to action) at the end of every page to help the user navigate more easily.
  • Utilize links to help the user navigate through the site and click through more pages.
  • Include testimonials – people like to read these because it gives them reassurance and insight into what they are about to purchase.

Want to discuss how we do it at Artifakt? Click here.

You won’t want to miss tomorrows blog post about finalizing and launching your site!

- Sarah Lucier, Advertising Intern


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