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Here at Artifakt, we have always emphasized the importance and efficacy of a proper lead-nurturing system.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become more important than ever before. That is the case both during the pandemic, and once we are on the other side and the market turns around.

Even though real estate agents have been listed as an “essential service” (in most markets), it doesn’t mean that everyone will need or want to transact. In fact, many will simply wait on the sidelines.

That said, once the dust settled and life returns to normal (or “the new normal” as we are calling it), people will be ready to make the move again. By then, though, it’ll be a completely different playing field.

Focusing On Your Database

We have already discussed in-depth how one of the most important things you can do right now is reorganizing, rebuilding, and reaching out to your database (you can read about that right here).

As your database is built out, and as it grows, you are definitely going to need to put a plan in place to nurture those leads once they go into your system.

The nature of a lead is always changing, which is why even if you’ve had a system in place for years, that process may need to change dramatically. Even in the last quarter, we have seen a dramatic change in how leads convert, when they convert, and what matters to them most.

Nurturing a lead today, whether during or after the current pandemic, is far different than nurturing a lead a year ago — no matter which market you’re operating in. Things have changed.

Is Marketing Right Now Appropriate?

Consumer studies have shown that it really depends on your industry.

While some consumer goods and things that consumers may view as “unnecessary” during this time have suffered, a lot of essential services (or perceived essential services) have thrived with their messaging.

That’s because, as customers understand it, real estate still needs to operate. The transaction itself may still need to occur, so it is the way we frame and present the handling of that transaction that matters.

The foundation of real estate, and how it is viewed, is still intact. So, if you market to consumers and leads delicately and with purpose, you can build your brand without appearing tone-deaf.

How Are You Approaching Your Messaging?

As a result of COVID-19, we have seen agents torn between different “messaging sets.” Think of it like the “party line” or the rallying cry that you want users to take away from any interaction with you.

Typically, we see it go one of the four following ways:

  1. Agents tell people that right now is not a good time to buy or sell, and they shouldn’t unless they absolutely need to
  2. They went all out with masks, gloves, virtual staging, virtual open houses, etc, and pushed the virtual approach to real estate as if they’ve been doing it all along
  3. Some pushed ahead with a business-as-usual approach (or, at least, “the new usual”), and they promoted a message of transacting during the pandemic
  4. They did nothing to change their messaging or address the pandemic in any way, shape, or form

So, who really has the right approach? Right now, it is tough to say, and the numbers will likely tell more of the story. Instead, it’s more productive to think about whether any of these messages have compromised your brand in the eyes of potential leads.

None of us have been in this situation before, and for many people, that’s a scary idea. No matter which route you take, or the one you deem appropriate for you, it needs to be consistent.

And that’s across the spectrum of leads; Whether it includes leads just coming in the door, interacting with your brand since the start of 2020, or beyond.

Even if you have lost touch with your database, right now is a great time to make an introduction.

The Best Way To Start Nurturing Leads

If you want to make an introduction, or simply re-insert yourself into the conversation, the best way to approach this is with a “drip campaign.”

Basically, it’s a steady stream of content that you share with your database, on a semi-frequent basis, that allows you to frame the conversation to help promote your brand.

It could include giving users information about the market, what you’re doing to adapt, what you are seeing going forward, and why your audience should trust you to help them when it’s all over.

The overall point is, though, that if your clients aren’t being continually nurtured, you’re missing out.

That’s because they are likely getting that information from someone else, and losing that credibility or that presence in front of them can spoil all your marketing efforts to this point.

COVID-19 is a gamechanger for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that it is “resetting” everyone’s marketing efforts. Some may see that as an opportunity, some as an obstacle, but if you let it obstruct your efforts to this point you may lose out in the end.

Are Your Ready For A Market Turnaround?

Ultimately, we believe that your goal should be to provide experience, to showcase yourself as the voice of reason and a source of trust for your potential clients.

Want to generate more sales by implementing a lead and client nurturing strategy? Download our Lead Nurturing Workbook. It’s a self-guided, interactive workbook where you answer questions about how you attract, handle, and market to your incoming leads, and put together a plan to implement a solid lead nurturing strategy that gets results. And, it’s free to download.
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