Have questions about working with us?

Here are answers to some of the more common things we get asked.


How can I get a hold of someone at Artifakt?
If you want to talk to us, you can give us a call at 1.800.926.7224, and press 1 to reach our sales team, or you can send us an email at sales@artifaktdigital.com. If you’re interested in working on a project with us, just click here.

Do you outsource any of your projects or work?
Nope. Never. We don’t believe in outsourcing any of our work. We’re proud that our entire team works in either our Toronto or Ottawa office.

How long has Artifakt been around?
We’ve been strategizing, planning, and building digital strategy projects since 2008.

Where do you guys work from? I might want to meet with you in person. Do you have an office?
Yup. Our Toronto team works out of a historic loft space in the Liberty Arts Centre at 219 Dufferin Street , and our Ottawa team works out of a professional office setting in Kanata at 300 March Road.
How long does it take to complete a entire project from start to finish?

That depends on what the project involves, but for a complete digital strategy project, including branding development, a keyword strategy, a content strategy, and custom website design and development, it usually takes anywhere from 3-5 months to go from the initial Discovery Phase through to the final Delivery Phase, depending on what’s required.

How much does it cost to do a project?

1 million dollars. Well, probably not, but it’s as close of a cost as we can give you without knowing anything about what you’re looking for or what we need to build for you. If you want to get a quote for a project with us, you can start by clicking here.

For a big project, do I have to pay everything up front?

Nope. Typically, we take a deposit of 30% up front, and then our payment schedule is based on the completion of each line item in our proposal. So, for example, if a project includes branding, content, website design, and website development, you’d be sent an invoice when the branding is completed, when the website design is completed, and the final invoice when the website development is completed, minus the original deposit. We prefer to bill like this because we want you to have something tangible when you get an invoice.

What kind of payment types do you accept?

We take credit cards, PayPal transfers, bank transfers, and cheques. When you get an invoice from us, you can pay directly through the invoice with most major credit cards.

There's a lot of companies that design and build websites. What makes Artifakt different from all of the others?

We think of ourselves as a strategy agency over anything else. No one person’s or business’ digital problem is the same, which is why we typically don’t believe in using templated, out-of-the-box solutions. The goal of every project we do is to build a solution that is completely custom, built with a specific target audience in mind, and converts in a specific way. We’re very much about digital empowerment, and we want you to understand what we’ve built, why we’ve built it, how to use it, and how to measure its success.

What's the process of working with you like?

We have a simple and established process that goes through 4 stages: Discover, Design, Develop, Deliver. If you want more details about what to expect in each stage, check out the ‘Our Tried-and-True Process Really Works’ panel on the front page of our website.

Do I have to host the website project with you?

Nope. You’re basically free to host the website project wherever you want to, but we do have some suggestions on where you should host to ensure your website loads quickly without any interruptions. If you don’t want to go that route, then we can make arrangements to host your website project on our own private and secure dedicated servers.

I don't even know where my current website is hosted. The thought of moving multiple email addresses, purchasing new domains, and pointing DNS servers frightens me.

That’s ok. We have some pretty smart people on our team that can help make the move to a new hosting company, including creating and setting up new email addresses and URLs, a pretty seamless process.

Is there a monthly fee for website projects?

Nope. We do have an optional yearly maintenance fee to keep all of the framework, custom plugins, and security up-to-date, but as part of our final Discovery Phase, we’d be happy to show you how to do the maintenance work yourself if you want to avoid paying the fee.

What CMS do you use as part of your website development?

Most of the time, we use WordPress. If WordPress doesn’t make sense though, we may use another CMS or code the entire solution from scratch. It just depends on the goals and the scope of the project.

Will I be able to update the website by myself?

If we use WordPress for the solution, then yes; you’ll be able to update about 95-98% of the content on your own. Although we typically use WordPress, which is already fairly easy to edit, we also heavily customize it to meet our goal of making it 95-98% editable. Our Delivery Phase includes some one-on-one time to make sure that you feel comfortable updating and navigating the backend of the website. For any other changes that are more difficult or involve coding, our team is just an email or phone call away.

What kind of support can I expect from your team?

We don’t answer support issues over the phone; but we do have a dedicated email that you can use to send any issues you may have with your website. When you send an email to our support team, it goes into a modern ticket tracking system, and our entire development team is notified. We do our absolute best to resolve to support tickets in 1 business day, but often it’s a lot sooner than that. Our support team is available during our normal business hours of Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm EST.

What if I don't like working with you and I want another development team to work on my website once the project is over?

If you really wanted to, that’s ok. We believe in using best practices to plan and develop our websites and other digital solutions. If another professional development team was to look at our work, they’d see a logical reason that we’ve built what we’ve built, and they’d likely be able to take over it with minimal effort.

I know exactly what I want you to design and build. Can I just bring you my website designs?

Nope. We don’t work with client designs. But that’s really in your best interest. We still want to know what you’re looking for, but we want to ensure that we play a key role in providing the overall content strategy, design strategy, and development standards to ensure you get the best possible product. In the end, we believe that we’re not creating a digital strategy for you, or for us; we’re creating a digital strategy for your target audience that will be interacting with the website. We want to build you a website that converts, and for that to happen, we need to have a lot of control over what the end product and overall experience looks like, functions like, and feels like.

Can't I just build my own website? I've seen a lot of free tools online to build websites.

Sure. I suppose you could give it a shot if you really wanted to, but as a general rule, we think it’s better to let professionals do professional work. It’s the same reason we don’t try to do our own electrical work, do our own root canals, or sell our own houses.

I'm a real estate agent, and I want listings from the MLS added to my website automatically. Can you do that?

We can, but we use a third-party provider to handle all of the listings feeds. We’ll tie into their search fields and write some CSS to make a bit more customized, and we’ll create some pages that show a pre-defined listing search, like for a specific neighbourhood say, but we’ll still want to build a place for you to upload your own listings manually. Why? While the MLS feeds provide the data, generally speaking, we’ve found that listings added via the automatic feed don’t look so hot, and we want your listings to look their absolute best. Uploading them manually gives us and you a lot more control over how they look, and it’s also a lot better for search engines. We have a bit more info about the work we do for real estate specifically right here.

Can I see some examples of projects that you've already done?

You bet. You can check out our portfolio website right here, and you can see more examples of our branding, UI/UX design, and graphic design work on our Pinterest page right here.

Ok. I'm sold. When can we get started?

Woah there. First, we’ll need to know more about the project and what you’re looking for to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. To get started, just complete this form, and we’ll get right back to you. If you don’t like forms, you can also give our sales team a call at 1.800.926.7224, extension 1.

What happens after we talk?

After we talk, and we determine that we both want to work with each other, we’ll send you an official estimate outlining the project fees. If you approve the estimate, we’ll have a meeting, in-person at our office or over the phone, so we can get the information we need to put together a more detailed proposal that outlines the project scope, yours/our expectations, fees, and timelines. Once you sign the proposal and send it back to us, we’ll invoice you for the deposit, and we’ll setup our initial Discovery Meeting so we can get started.